3D Animator, Vytautas Puisys “Vitas”

I have a passion for collaborative work as I am a social person myself. I constantly improve my work by seeking feedback from others and I want to learn more and advance myself within the field.

I would enjoy working on TV, short films, and game cinematics. I like both quadruped and biped animation. 3D Stylized and realistic animation. Eventually, my goal is to become a technical animator. I have a basic knowledge of coding and I always wanted to add and test my animation on platforms such as Unreal Engine.

A bit about myself. I am an active person and I do have plenty of hobbies outside animation. My passion for illustration led me to publish a picture book. I push myself to learn new rifts on my electric guitar and I enjoy my weekends rollerblading.


Get in touch : hello@vitopetra.com

LinkedIn : VytautasPuisys